Bluegame BGM75

Sistema de dirección
Joystick Control
Eslora (m)
Manga (m)
Calado (m)
Desplazamiento (kg)
Material del casco
Velocidad de crucero (nudos)
Velocidad máxima (nudos)
Motor estandard
2 x Volvo Penta / IPS Volvo penta D13 1050 / / 800 HP / Drive
Tipo de combustible
Capacidad combustible (litros)
Capacidad de agua potable (litros)
Cuarto de baño
Número máximo de pasajeros

BGM75, the first model of the BGM range, does not fit into an existing segment but creates a new one. A parallel segment far away from the multihulls to date on the market.

How is it possible? Primarily because, from the first glance, the shape of the boat moves away from the “boxy” shape of a catamaran, thanks to the reduced width in favour of a ratio between beam and length closer to a monohull. This allows for the horizontal surfaces between the two hulls to connect creating a single volume, as if it were a monohull, but with larger spaces and the possibility of having a full beam owner’s cabin of extraordinary dimensions. Also viewed from the stern, BGM75 is not comparable to traditional catamarans.

The aesthetic result? An elegant and balanced monohull which ‘incidentally’ has two hulls.

BGM75 was launched during the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023 after three years of meticulous studies and analysis, culminating in the construction of a full-scale prototype of the hull to validate the research data, guarantee unparalleled sailing comfort and confirm the advantages of this particular multihull setting in terms of sustainability. In this large time dedicated to design, Bernardo Zuccon and Piero Lissoni, world famous designers, have fully grasped the power of such an avant-garde project, giving respectively a contribution to the external lines that makes them today the classics of the future and for the interiors an original approach in terms of lay-out, use of spaces and materials, resulting in maximum comfort, refinement and distinctive liveability.

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