Austin Parker was among the very first shipyards in Italy to begin building classic lobster boats, like the ones they use in Maine for lobster fishing — characteristic fishing boats that first came about over the last century in New England. Ten years on, strengthened by the success this sort of boat has had on the market, Austin Parker is launching a new range of lobster boats that run from 42 to 72 feet, aided by architect Fulvio De Simoni, one of the best known pleasure craft designers working today. The new Austin Parkers are distinguished by their innovative design, which still nonetheless echoes that delightful retro look which brought this type of boat such popular acclaim. But being beautiful does not mean that the hull and performance have to suffer, on the contrary and without presumption, they would be defined as exciting.

available 4cars
Austin Parker 44 Ibiza WA
Austin Parker 44 Ibiza WA
    available 1cars
    Austin Parker 44 Walk Around
    720 ,000€
    Austin Parker 44 Walk Around
    • 2021

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