Over recent months Arcadia have announced the launching of the Sherpa XL and the incredible Arcadia A85, number 18

Arcadia Yachts continues to deliver some of the worlds most beautiful and luxurious superyachts. Over recent months Arcadia have announced the launching of the Sherpa XL and the incredible Arcadia A85, number 18. Both yachts are currently located at the Arcadia shipyard in Naples and available for private viewing and sea trials during March, April & May 2021.

The Arcadia Sherpa XL and A85 continues to innovate with more luxury features and finishings

The Arcadia Sherpa XL, is available now, and ready for a March 2021 delivery. This is a multi-award winning yacht and it continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible with yacht design of under 24 meters. The Sherpa XL has extensive new features including larger and more extensive galley area, new generation solar technologies including panels which generate a large proportion of the yachts service needs. It has a huge 221 square meters of comfort and ‘real’ usable space, unmatched by other yacht of its size, with many operational areas well out of the way of the yachts luxury and social areas. The Sherpa XL continues to deliver on many areas of comfort and ‘on-the-water‘ performance with up to 23kns delivered with a semi-planing hull and IPS propulsion system.

The balance of comfort and performance with the Sherpa XL continues to place this yacht at the top of the list when searching for a luxury yacht which can not only give you the performance in range and comfort when travelling, but also a yacht which has extensive on-board luxuries and volume for family and friends.


New Sherpa XL

Sherpa XL Terrace

Double cabin of the Sherpa XL


Arcadia A 85 Logo

Arcadia A85, number 18 – The incredible beautiful interior of the A85 brings New York loft style living to the water. The new style interior of hull number 18 of this very special yacht is readily available for viewings and sea trials. This yacht at just over 25 meters remains Arcadias most popular model offering a patio area of 100 square meters and with more than 32 square meters of privacy and comfort space it is unsurpassed by many yachts of its size. The yacht has a collection of design awards for both its innovation and interior design space, it truly has reached a level of iconic Italian yacht status.

Arcadia A85

Arcadia A85

Arcadia A85 interior

Arcadia A85

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