Great Success for Excess Catamarans at their world premier in Cannes

Excess introduced two new models in Cannes, the 12 and the 15. These belong to a range which will finally be composed by 5 models . The  slightly smaller 11  will be presented in the Düsseldorf “Boot 2020” .

It is worth mentioning that on the Friday night in Cannes during the party offered by the French Shipyard the future owner of the Düsseldorf unit was introduced to the public. As many of you will know the proud owner of this Yacht is the winner of the Excess Challenge virtual regatta. We must admit that some of our team were involved in the Excess Challenge with the hope of winning the boat but it was not to be ours. Alex Boronta collected the keys to his future Catamaran with a numerous group of friends who will ostensibly sail with him next summer.

The start of the show was wet and rainy and the public was scarce. However the following days made up for it and we were able to observe a steady flow of visitors and professionals on our stand. The separation of Sail and Motorboats between the Vieux Port and Port Cantó avoided the gathering of crowds of former years. This was perceived as an improvement by the public who assited to touch and board the exhibited models. Both catamarans comply rigorously with the photos and drawings which were published previously.

Both models exhibited were surprisingly sporty

The greys and orange colours give the yachts a fresh modern look. The Rig attracts the attention of the more purist sailors and the low profile brought about by the lack of a flybridge and the aft leaning mast make them even more attractive.

The aft steering positions invite you to take the wheel in your hands and gaze forward. The visibility a former mystery was finally unveiled and proves a positive surprise. Also to satisfy the more demanding  sailors you can fit  two forward facing cameras to minimize the visual dead angles on the bow. The convertible hard top is agreeably easy to use. The generous cockpit is invites you to sit at the table and enjoy the diaphanous and luminous space offered.

The steering positions and cockpit  are sufficiently protected for less benign sailing occasions and for night watches. Twin curved stainless steel structures protect both steering positions with individual biminis which can be enclosed  with awnings fitted with plastic windows to guarantee visibility.

The cockpit “per-se” is fitted with a Surround awning for weather protection. Above all the convertible hard top allows you to see the rig and sails and of course the sky.

For those who prefer a transitable rigid T-Top to access the boom are lucky as this is fitted automatically at no extra cost.

The Deck is furnished with an anti-slip gelcoat but can be equipped with synthetic grey teak with grey cawlking, very modern looking and resistant catamaran. The moving rig is very well situated, close to the steering positions and far from the seating thus avoiding sheets getting tangled when tacking. The rigging options offer electric winches, a variety of sails and booms or directly the PULSE LINE PACK for dynamic and exciting sailing. A Square Top mainsail and larger mast are also available as well as different hull decorations.

Even though there are notable differences between the 12 and 15 Excess Catamarans, there is a style and coherence in both of them which will be common to the complete Excess Catamaran range . The light coloured interiors offer three different finishes to choose from. The whole range uses a combination of black, orange and grey, achieving a high quality sporty look. The Hull decoration in grey tones  as well as the Pulse Line Pack convey a dynamic and positive impression.

Both models exhibited were configured with three cabins and two bathrooms. However the complete range will offer 4 cabins 2 bathrooms or 4 cabins 4 bathrooms. In the larger models up to 6 cabins with the possibility of furnishing the bow areas to fit crew accommodation with separate bathrooms. There is no lack of  optional equipment available to increase the yachts self sufficiency.

Marivent Yachts has decided two purchase 2 units to have in stock. The first Excess, a 12 will be delivered to us in March and a 15 for delivery in June. This will enable our clients to enjoy these Yachts in 2020. This is a real privilege in the world of catamarans due to the world wide demand.





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