ARCADIA YACHTS is very pleased to announce the appointment of MARIVENT YACHTS S.L. as its new BRAND REPRESENTATIVE for German, Austrian, Swiss and Spanish clients.

MARIVENT YACHTS brings over 30 years’ experience in the yachting industry and is currently active with test and service centres across the Balearic region in Mallorca, Ibiza and Barcelona.

With shared values, experiences and expertise, both ARCADIA YACHTS and MARIVENT YACHTS established an operating structure which is specifically designed to serve clients respecting the highest possible standards. For German speaking clients’ relationships MARIVENT will represent the brand as ARCADIA YACHTS BALEAREN and, for their Spanish relationships, as ARCADIA YACHTS ESPANA.

When talking about the new appointment, Mr. Ugo Pellegrino, sole director of ARCADIA YACHTS, declared:

“This partnership and newly established agreement with MARIVENT YACHTS, truly takes ARCADIA YACHTS to a new phase of growth. We knew from earlier stage discussions with Oliver Frols and his team, that we had very closely shared values and commitments to our clients.

With MARIVENT YACHTS deep experience in handling extremely demanding and discerning customers, we expect to effectively convey and to provide a hands-on experience of our concept of yachting, which has now been on the market for nearly ten years. Above all, their technical expertise and services standards will enable both of us to satisfy the increase of requirements of top luxury yachting experience”.

Oliver Frols, Managing Director and Partner of MARIVENT YACHTS added, “Our growth at MARIVENT YACHTS has always been driven by listening and responding to our clients changing circumstances and desires with their yachting activities. We have always offered them the highest possible standards of services and with this new partnership we are aware to step into a new brand of exceptional quality and demand for our growing client base”. He continues: «For us as MARIVENT YACHTS, ARCADIA YACHTS is perfectly aligned with our unique yachts philosophy.  We will take the opportunity to show-off the ARCADIA YACHTS luxury and comfort at the upcoming Palma boat show, where we will invite our clients, current and new, to come on-board the iconic A85 and SHERPA.”

The upcoming Palma Boat Show 2019 (27 April – 1 May) will be the stage for the official début of the new distribution agreement and will benefit from the presence of no fewer than two iconic models (the A85 and the SHERPA), while the launch of the new SHERPA XL model is scheduled for the Cannes Yachting Festival in September.



Since 2008, this modern 47,000 m2 shipyard, which is increasingly becoming the symbol of yachting in the Capri and Sorrento area, has succeeded in perfectly integrating artisanal craftsmanship, modern technologies, attention to detail and to the surrounding environment.

Since 2017 the mantra has been YACHTING RENAISSANCE, which is based on centralising the role of the Owners, on creating the spaces that surround them and that allow them to be fully part of the surrounding natural environment. The idea is to start from the Owner and from how the yacht will be used, and not from the shape of the hull.

Open areas allow to become fully part of the marine environment and the larger-than-average aft-decks unite the yacht and the sea, as if the sea itself were a natural extension of the yacht. The full-height windows, the side openings and the innovative glass panels that can be lowered and raised like car windows, generate spaces in which the threshold between inside and outside becomes imperceptible, while closed spaces dissolve and are absorbed by the surrounding natural environment.

The ARCADIA YACHTS fleet has included three ranges since September 2017.

The shipyard’s first and most characterising range is the A range, which includes 5 models (A85, A85s, A100, A105 and A115).

The SHERPA range, in addition to the hugely successful yacht of that name, will soon have a new model, the SHERPA XL, which will be launched in a matter of months. This 78’ has all the unique characteristics of the SHERPA concept but on a larger scale, increasing the conviviality spaces and vessel autonomy, in addition to expanding the under deck areas.

With the FOR.TH. range, ARCADIA YACHTS has entered the world of steel. The name is short for “Forward Thinking”, a project in line with the shipyard’s philosophy on yacht dimensions, in which ostentation often prevails over the original pleasure of yachting (contact with the natural environment, space and time to spend with loved ones). The first model of the FOR.TH. range will be 47 metres in length. Contact with the natural environment will be guaranteed by the large glass panels and by the open transoms on the main deck and on the upper deck. All the external solutions are aimed at encouraging great conviviality. The philosophy of the proposed interiors stems from a contemporary and refined underlying idea, with an open plan and directly hinting at the most modern real estate designs, in which there is a very close interaction between large halls and the exteriors.


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