Fjord 44 Coupé

Sistema de dirección
Joystick Control
Eslora (m)
Manga (m)
Calado (m)
Desplazamiento (kg)
Material del casco
Velocidad de crucero (nudos)
Velocidad máxima (nudos)
Motor estandard
2 x Volvo Penta / D6 - IPS 500 / Inboard / 370 HP / Pod
Motor opcional
2 x Volvo Penta / D6 - IPS 650 / Inboard / 435 HP / Pod
Tipo de combustible
Capacidad combustible (litros)
Capacidad de agua potable (litros)
Número de cabinas
Cuarto de baño
Número máximo de pasajeros
  • Teca en bañera
  • Lona cierre bañera
  • Plotter
  • Repetidor
  • Aseo eléctrico
  • Aseo eléctrico
  • Toldo Bimini
  • Transformador
  • Central de navegación
  • Colchonetas de bañera
  • Compás
  • Congelador
  • Cargador de baterías
  • Sonda
  • Auxiliar
  • Escalera de baño
  • Bomba de achique manual
  • Corredera - Velocímetro
  • Frigorífico
  • Pasillos laterales en Teka
  • VHF
  • Ducha de bañera
  • Pasarela hidráulica
  • GPS
  • Piloto automático
  • TV
  • Agua caliente
  • Generador
  • Altavoces de bañera
  • Aire acondicionado
  • Toma de puerto
  • Lector CD
  • Bomba de achique eléctrica

The stylish puristic open layout characterising the power yacht brand Fjord has now been complemented with a luxurious and streamlined deck house.
The arc-saloon is a multifunctional structure, built with genuine glass, stainless steel and high quality composite grp.

It incorporates a stylish arc design and enhances the use case of this Fjord. Two side doors at the front, two electric windows at the sides, an electric sunroof and a majestic twin sliding door at the back make the arc-saloon as versatile as possible. It can be closed in too cold or too hot conditions and opened again when desired. Every part of the arc-saloon features generous standing height.

The panoramic glazing gives a stunning 360 degree view at all times. When opening the twin sliding doors in the back, the saloon and cockpit create one large living space.

Another special feature of the arc-saloon is the undisturbed walkaround outside, which is a trademark of Fjord. The high bulwark on all sides enables save passage around the boat, making it both practical and save even for smaller children.

Two Volvo Penta IPS 600 engines accelerate the new Fjord 44 coupé to 36 knots. Four berths and a generous bathroom below turn this Fjord into the perfect summer boat, which offers comfort even in colder conditions.

Nevertheless, the Fjord 44 coupé offers the same thrilling experience as our open Fjord models. Even more. A new developed bathing platform elongates this boat to 13,45 meters and is equipped with a hydraulic high low system with an automatically unfolding staircase.

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