How much does yacht charter cost?

Well, not that much. Marivent Yachts partners price their yachts at different levels and it can depend on the size and age of the yacht. Please ask for more details about a specific Fjord yacht or see the details on the link to our selected Fjord yachts on the charter section of our website.

Are Fjord Yacht charters family friendly?

Absolutely. Every year thousands of kids of all ages enjoy boating in the Mediterranean and with a Fjord Yacht you will see they are a ‘three generation’ day boat, for the kids, parents and grandparents with a full walk-round concept and high freeboards to keep everyone safely inside the boat, even when there are a few waves.

Safety-wise, all the yachts have safety equipment and can provide children’s life jackets and safety harnesses on request. It’s a very safe environment.

How do you select the right yacht?

We have a specific section on our website, where you can see the yachts and their full specifications. Have a look at the Fjord Yachts we have specially selected in our region and contact us for a more detailed charter specification brochure which you can share with your family and friends.

What about a skipper for the charter?

All our Fjord yachts are provided with a fully qualified professional skippers on board every charter.

What time can we board the yacht?

The official time for your yacht being ready and available to board is typically 10:00am to 18.00 each day but please consult the specification for a particular yacht as the timings might vary. Often the skipper and yacht owners are very accommodating depending on where and when you would like to meet the yacht for your day charter. We will liaise with you and the skipper to ensure we do all we can to meet with your timings and desired itinerary for the day.

What is my liability for the yacht while on charter? What is the refundable security deposit?

As with the hiring of a car, the charter management company or owner will require you to leave a credit card or to transfer a deposit amount as security deposit. The amount of the security represents the yacht insurance excess and will depend on the size and value of your yacht. It is 100% refundable as long as no damage is done to your yacht or other parties.

How long is the transfer from the airport to the marina?

For most of our yacht charters the longest you will spend in a taxi should be no more than 30 minutes, but often much less.

Is fuel included? How much will the yacht use?

No, you pay only for the fuel you use. The yacht will have a full tank of diesel on departure and you are to return it full, you can discuss with the skipper if you would like to take the usage from the deposit you left or you might want to pay for this at the fuel station on your return. If the yacht is not full on arrival you will only have to fill to the level which you confirmed with the skipper on arrival.

Are towels provided?

Boat towels are generally provided but we recommend bringing one or more of your own. We especially recommend you bring a beach towel as boat towels are not usually usable outside the yacht.

How much are marina, town quay and anchoring fees?

As the charterer you are responsible for any port or anchorage costs for the boat outside of its home port, these vary depending on the location of the port and the size of the yacht, its best to discuss this with your skipper and plan your itinerary with him to account for these costs. Of course, sitting on anchor under a blue sky is free!

Are the water toys included in the price?

Some water-toys are included in the price of the charter, items like snorkeling equipment. Refer to the specific spec brochure of each of the yachts we offer, they will specify what is included and what is available at an additional cost.

Can I have the boat provisioned before I arrive?

Yes, if you would like on-board catering, we would need to know this in advance of your charter, most boats will include soft drinks and water as part of the charter but not food or alcohol.

What are the booking conditions to the charter?

Marivent Yachts operates as an agent/broker to preferred Fjord yachts which meet with our strict service standards, most of which we sold and originally supplied to the owners. Booking and the charter contracts are between the charterer and the owner or management company. However, we do not push our responsibilities to the owners or operating companies, but we are there to make sure the charter from start to finish are of the best possible standards.