Bluegame 42 For Charter

Bluegame 42 now available for charter.

The Bluegame 42 is the perfect yacht for a charter day. Spacious, manageable, and very comfortable, it is ideal for spending a day with family or friends.

If you need it, Your itinerary will be carefully planned, with our advice on the best destinations with safe swimming, short hops between ports and sheltered anchorages. We have lots of ideas and are always happy to explain any part of the process if you have questions. There is only one way forward, however, if you want to revel in the fresh air, the warm seas and the unencumbered views from the deck give us a call to talk things over.

Technical Specifications

Model: BG42 / Year: 2023 / Boat Length: 12.98 meters / Maximum Capacity: 12 persons on board / Fuel Type: Diesel / 2 Cabins and 1 Bathroom.

Contact us for more information on rates and availability.

Download PDF of the Bluegame 42 for charter