Our first EXCESS 12 is on its way

Last Saturday, 14th March 2020, saw the start of the delivery trip of our first EXCESS 12 Catamaran setting sail from the French port of “Les Sables-d’Olonnes”.  After thorough preparations plus some days awaiting safe weather conditions our crew cast off with direct course to Finisterre. Ahead of them around 1.500 nautical miles (aprox 2.750km) to the port of destination: Port Balís, in Barcelona. Our base on the spanish península where we prepare most of our boats from the different brands and where we have set up our Catamaran Test base offering private seatrials with our customers.

During the majority of the trip the crew enjoyed supporting winds which allowed them to use and take advantage of the Code Zero Sail in varying sea conditions. It is worth highlighting that the fantastic hull design allowed them to safely reach speeds of up to 17knots (COG) while surfing down the groundswell of the Atlantic along the Portuguese coast with winds of up to 25knots. A service stop was done in Huelva in the south western part of the Spanish península before setting off crossing the Straits of Gibraltar. The current location of the Excess 12 is on anchor in front of Almerimar where the crew is weathering through strong North Easterly winds of up to 40 knots. The plan is to set sail again on Wednesday and go on the last leg of around 400 miles towards Port Balis. This amazing trip started before boundaries were put in place.

The current situation with COVID-19 and the restrictions of not being able to call in at any port without having to face a 15 day quarantine does complicate this delivery trip especially in bad conditions. However, the crew is enjoying a freedom which most of us are missing. We are wishing them good winds to be receiving them hopefully soon in our premises in Barcelona.